Who’s who



Revd Kathryn Hammond

Contact Details: Tel: 01785  822820 email: rev.kathrynh@gmail.com

Day off is Friday
Associate Minister Cathy Dakin


Mobile – 07971 101259. Email cathydakin@waitrose.com

The church is open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Rev Kathryn Hammond 01785 822820
Church Wardens:
Bob Winfield 01785 822507
Eric Henderson 01785 823881
Or PCC member Norman Hailes 01785 823686


 CHURCHWARDENS:  Eric Henderson 01785 823881 email:eric.henderson2@btinternet.com

 Bob Winfield 01785 822507 Email bobwinfield1897@gmail.com

SAFEGUARDING OFFICER: Paul Tunnicliffe 01785 822078

TREASURER:  John Bridge   email: johnbridgeexpert@gmail.com      Any questions regarding the finances of St Lawrence – please contact John .

Gift Aid Secretary: Emma Cannell email emma.cannell@hotmail.co.uk

At St Lawrence we appreciate every penny of the money you donate .

If you are a UK taxpayer by completing a simple form or placing your donations in our Gift Aid envelopes  we can legally reclaim the tax you have already paid on it. This increases your donation by 25%.  Any questions Emma will be happy to discuss.


Prayer Co-ordinator: Hayley Preece

Please remember that we have a Prayer Co-ordinator who every fortnight circulates names of people to be included in our prayers. If you would like to receive this list then please contact Hayley – h_a_p@hotmail.com

PCC  Secretary :  Barbara Juniper

Facebook Administrator. Emma Cannell

Website requests:  Michelle Broadhurst:   email: m.broadhurst13@btinternet.com

We do realise that not everyone has access or enjoys using technology.  Please feel free to talk to any of us. Please pass the message on: The technology is to help us communicate to more of Gods people…..not to replace us.

Anything you would like including?  Any details need updating?  Please contact me.  Use this opportunity to share whatever aspect of Gods work you wish to promote. Photos especially welcome

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