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Lucy was talking to Charlie Brown one day.
“Charlie Brown,” she asked, “you see that hill?” “Yes I see it,” said Charlie Brown.
Lucy said, “Charlie Brown, on the other side of that hill is happiness. Some day I am going to climb that hill and I am going to get to the other side. I expect to find meaning and purpose, joy and happiness on the other side of that hill.”
Charlie Brown scratched his head. “Do you suppose,” he mused, “that there is a kid on the other side of that hill looking over to our side and saying to someone else, ‘all the answers to life are on the other side of that hill?’ What if some day he climbs over the hill and comes across to our side looking for happiness and meaning and purpose and all the answers to life?”
Lucy looked at Charlie brown and then she looked at that hill and said, “Forget it kid, the answer is not over there.”

On a family visit to Disneyland a man pondered the sign over the entrance arch that read, “Welcome to the happiest place on earth.”
The rest of the day he looked at the faces of the people and was impressed by the small number who were actually smiling during their visit to “the happiest place on earth.”
He roamed around Disneyland trying to make sure his children had a good time and wondering why so few adults seemed to be enjoying themselves.

To be fulfilled is different to merely existing.
Jesus said that part of knowing Him is to enable us to live life to the full “I have come so that people may live and that they may enjoy life to the full. ”
That’s what Easter is all about.

Rev Kathryn
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